City Househelp in Court For Sexually Grooming, Defiling Teenage Boy for 8 Months

February 25, 2021

A househelp was Wednesday arraigned in court and charged for having carnal relations with a teenage boy for 8 months.

Violet Nekesa Wekesa, 32, allegedly committed the offense at Mwiki area, Kasarani, Nairobi County between July 2020 and February 2021.

Nekesa was charged with performing an indecent act with a child and promoting a sexual offense for allegedly showing the 13-year-old minor pornographic content.

According to documents presented in court, the boy’s parents discovered the alleged abuse by chance while they were disciplining the boy on February 21.

The boy’s sister had lost her phone, and following a beating by the parents, the boy confessed he had been using it to watch pornography. He also told his parents that he was introduced to adult content by their househelp.

The parents rushed the boy to a clinic for a medical check-up and reported the incident to the police, leading to Nekesa’s arrest.

During interrogations by police, the boy the house help had been defiling him since July 2020. He said Nekesa began the abuse by first showing him pornographic videos.

According to police, this sexual child grooming continued until the house help started physically defiling the boy.

Ms Nekesa denied the charges at Mililani Law Courts. The court granted Nekesa Sh300,000 cash bail or Sh500,000 bond.

The case will be mentioned on March 4, 2021.

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