Kenyans Berate Naomi Campbell For Using Nigerian Music To Promote Kenya

February 25, 2021

When the Tourism ministry announced British supermodel Naomi Campbell as the international ambassador for Magical Kenya, a large section of the Kenyan online community questioned why the govt could not have gone for a Kenyan face.

Given her target audience, some saw Naomi as a natural fit for such a role, but others wondered why we did not go with Lupita Nyong’o.

This led to a case of ‘he said, she said’ between Tourism minister Najib Balala and the Oscar-winning actor, with the former claiming the latter was inaccessible for 5 years.

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Lupita laughed off Balala’s claims and the issue soon simmered down.

Fast forward to about a month later and those who were against Naomi Campbell being Magical Kenya international ambassador appear to have been vindicated.

In her first post promoting Kenya since her appointment in January, the 50-year-old shared a stunning video showcasing Magical Kenya but used a Nigerian song as its soundtrack.

The model’s caption was also all about Kenya and therefore, it would have been appropriate to accompany the video with a Kenyan song.

Naomi, however, went with the song,’ In My Maserati’ by Nigerian hitmaker Olakira, sparking backlash from some Kenyans on social media.


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Media Personality and NRG radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel was among the first to point out Naomi snubbed Kenyan music acts

She wrote: “Live and Die in Africa by @sautisol would have made a more fitting soundtrack to this beautiful footage.”

Wow, I was hoping you could have used a Kenyan Soundtrack as well..” said another Instagram user.

A third wrote: “That song is good but we can sell Kenya with Kenyan songs I have a few suggestions if you like.”

‘Kenya has soundtracks you can use as well,” shared another Kenyan.

Another expressed her disappointment saying: “The background song is a letdown ?’

“Bro why couldn’t you use a Kenyan track lol ??????? We actually have good tracks kindly do your job properly ✨” another comment reads.

“Is anyone not going to notice the fact that she’s used a Nigerian song? Ama it’s not important?” posed another.

One IG user blasted Campbell: “Mushenzi(idiot), the video is too basic, you have used Nigerian song to promOte Kenya?!! Things of this earth, meeting has defeated!”

“Come on we’ve got awesome kenyan tracks. Feels like you’re marketing Nigerian culture,” another observed.

Kenya’s transgender fashion stylist Letoya Johnstone added: “Dear sweet @naomi I hope you used Kenyan music on the background. This is said in humility. We are all Africans and we love our African music however, I feel that this was for Kenya and her musicians tunes could have been awesome. Just my humble opinion sweetie ❤️”

Some more reactions from the no-nonsense Kenyans on Twitter.

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