‘Being Bahati’ Producer Back On TV With A Food Show

February 5, 2021

The prolific TV producer, writer, and director Eugene Mbugua is gearing for the premiere of a show dubbed ‘Foods of Kenya’.

The show started back in 2019 but took a year-long break; it is returning on TV for its 5th season. ‘Foods of Kenya’ explores the traditional culinary history, art, fashion culture, music, and dance of different Kenyan communities.

The 5th season will focus on details of where and how the meals are prepared, their cultural significance as well as how these methods have evolved over the years, incorporating dance, culture, clothing, and interesting traditions.

“We started this show in 2019 with the aim of showcasing the wide array of Kenyan food and culture that remains unknown to many. In this latest season, we will traverse the country all the way from Muhuru Bay to Kalokol, Lake Jipe to Mount Sagallia, and Rumuruti to Busia exposing different eating culture and habits of these communities. It’s an exciting adventure that we hope the audience can join us on and learn a thing or two from other communities.” Mbugua said.

Foods of Kenya premieres this Saturday, February 6 at 8 pm on KTN. It will be hosted by renowned Kenyan producer Mwaniki Mageria.

“The year that the show has taken a break allowed us to put in more work into our production quality, our equipment, and overall style of storytelling. We hope that these improvements will be a gift to our audiences new and old,” said Mbugua.

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