“See You In Court”: Benji Ndolo Hits Out At Ebru TV Over Pay Dispute

January 7, 2021

Political commentator Benji Ndolo has fallen out with his employer Ebru TV over a pay cut after he tested positive for Covid-19.

The popular Twitter figure took to the microblogging site on Wednesday, January 6 to hit out at the broadcaster and its General Manager Anab Mohamed.

“I will no longer appear on @EbruTVKenya. I have made that decision, I vociferously defend my rights and those of others. Mrs Anab Mohamed is a Greedy, Disrespectful, Exploitative manager who has no Integrity. She insulted me and cut my pay after I got Covid. See you in COURT!” Ndolo tweeted.

“When I got Covid-19, she cut my pay. She is also abusive and discriminatory. How do you have an employee who comes back from recovery, then you cut his pay? Many Kenyans choose to keep quiet but for me, I will fight for my rights,” the activist added.

Ndolo also confirmed he was involved in a heated confrontation at Ebru offices on Tuesday but denied assaulting anyone after a HR officer at the station threatened to file a suit against him over his outburst.

“I concede that I was very angry. What annoyed me is that they are used to people just keeping quiet. There was no assault, there was no police report. I respect the law. There were only raised voices,” Ndolo said.

On its part, Ebru TV through the HR department said that Ndolo was not a permanent employee and that he was paid per appearance.

“He was paid for broadcasts he did in October. He did not work in November and December, he did one show for which he was paid. He did not tell us he had tested positive for Covid-19. There was no official communication to us. He claimed he had shared (the information) on Twitter.

“Benji Ndolo is not our permanent employee. I can send you his contract and it is clear that he is paid per show hosted. In November, we just called him when we had a guest for a show that he was doing. The rest of the time he would just come to the show as a guest,” said the station.

The political analyst had worked at the station for a year.

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