Kimilili Students Stage Violent Protest After Prefect Assaults Student Over Marijuana

January 27, 2021

St Luke’s Kimilili boys high school in Bungoma county has been closed indefinitely after students went on the rampage following the alleged assault of a student by a prefect.

The school’s head boy is said to have assaulted the Form Two student over marijuana possession, sparking a violent protest on Sunday night.

“It is alleged that the students went on strike after a head boy punished one of them who was found with bhang, however, we have launched investigations,” said Bungoma North OCPD Stephen Mwoni.

Angered by the punishment, students destroyed school property of unknown value including smashed windowpanes of laboratories, classes, teachers’ offices, and the office of the deputy principal. They also engaged anti-riot police in running battles from 9 pm to about 6 am.

Students who spoke to the press claimed the prefect had confronted the student over suspicion of possessing marijuana.

The head boy reportedly demanded that the student mentions other marijuana smokers while assaulting him with wires on his back, causing severe injuries.

It is when the boy went back to his colleagues in the dormitory and showed then his injuries that the students became agitated.

“When we went to report to the deputy academic master, he said to hold the story and we solve it amicably, something that did not go well with us,” a student who sought anonymity told the Nation.

The learners also complained that police used excessive force to contain the demonstration.

“We are wondering why police had to teargas us and fire at us when we were only holding peaceful protests for one of our own who had been brutally beaten,” said another student.

“We want Magoha to come and intervene…Our teachers have given prefects too much power…they even eat more food than other students and are listened to more than the rest of us,” added another student.

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