Uhuru On Whether Kenyan Youth Should Marry Or Make Money First

December 8, 2020
Ministry of ICT CAS Nadia Abdalla speaking at the Bomas of Kenya

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday engaged Kenyan youth on a number of subjects during the launch of the ‘Kenya ni Mimi’ initiative at the Bomas of Kenya.

The talk included a Q&A session, where one of the attendees asked the Head of State about marriage and financial stability. One Bernard asked Uhuru whether young Kenyans should seek financial stability first then marry or vice versa.

The President let out a chuckle before having his say on the delicate topic.

“If you have to find the right partner at an early age, then I would advise you to start the journey and keep things together as you both get along and know each other well. It is never wrong to start marriage life early, marriage is about partnership & commitment. Ata kama mtakuwa mnaishi kwa room moja na yeye hapo(even if you’ll be living in a single room), you can still start from there and grow as you start your journey, it’s okay as you’ll get to know each at a very intimate level,” he said.

Uhuru explained how marrying at a young age has allowed him to see his children grow into adulthood, and I am still not that old you know. So, I get to enjoy their company with most of my energy still intact,” he said.

The president also cracked up his audience when he advised Bernard to ‘cheza kama yeye’ after Bernard had asked single people to raise their hands. Uhuru pointed out that the Ministry of ICT CAS Nadia Abdalla had raised her hand.

“Bernard, if I were you, I would take note of that and do what needs to be done,” he said.

CAS Nadia Abdalla is the brains behind the Kenya ni Mimi campaign.

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