Is Uscca or CCW Safe better?

December 4, 2020

USCCA and CCW Safe have already been ranked as some of the best CCW insurance options but how do they compare with each other? Although most argued that USCCA is better, In this USCCA vs CCW Safe comparison, we’re going to have a look at the coverage and features of these 2 concealed carry insurance providers to help you decide which one may be right for you.

USCCA vs CCW Safe – Which is the Best?

We know this decision is a bit difficult because for some people, so we have narrowed our self-defence legal protection coverage down to either USCCA or CCW Safe and even we find that it wasn’t easy to compare these 2. This is exactly why we knew that we needed to write this article comparing the two choices – hopefully it makes it easier for you to decide.

Second, neither CCW Safe nor USCCA are really insurances. This is an important legal difference. Instead, they are both legal defence coverage plans. The difference may not mean much for some people. However, we want to be very careful and clear in our explanations. But for the sake of simplicity and because the terms are so commonly used, we shall refer to these as ccw insurance or concealed carry insurance even though you will know better.

Ok, with that out of the way, we bet you’re wondering: Which one is the best? Which one should you get?

Well, we have got some bad news: we can’t possibly tell you which concealed carry insurance option is best for you and your situation. We can’t even tell you if you should get ccw insurance in the first place.

We know you want a quick and easy answer but if anyone, including ourselves, gives you one – you should be distrustful because everyone’s particular situation, budget, and risk tolerance is unique.

What we can do is compare USCCA and CCW Safe’s coverage options, discuss their pros and cons, and provide you with the information you need to make the decision on concealed carry insurance for yourself.

At the same time, when especially if you don’t want to read the full deep-dive into this USCCA vs. CCW Safe review, we can tell you that we would chose to purchase CCW Safe for ourselves and our families.

Regardless of which one fits your needs best, we like both companies as they both are ranked in the top two spots of our Best CCW Insurance Comparison. Let’s first look at a quick summary of each self-defence insurance options before we dive into a comparison of each of their features and pricing.

USCCA – What We Think About it

The USCCA is the biggest player in the self-defence legal protection space.  They claim to be the largest number of members and they have the largest organization. And, although they are the most expensive choice available, members get a lot of resources and support for the money.

What we love about this USSCA is that it provides its members with tons of training and resources, highest daily “per diem” amount. They have pretty much satisfied a lot of what gun owners are looking for in their must-have requirements.

If there are anything we can change about USCCA is that its total defence coverage dollar amounts are capped.

CCW Safe – What We Think About It

CCW Safe, although smaller, provides the better legal coverage in our opinion. Their defence coverage amounts are unlimited and they are considered a legal dream-team. Although they are not exactly the most expensive, they are at the higher end of budget ranges.

Things we love about CCW Safe is its unlimited coverage amounts, excellent expert resources, and they meet a lot of people’s must haves. Just take note that your attorney does need to be approved beforehand though. 

If there are anything we can change about CCW Safe is that although a per diem is paid, it is the lowest of the companies that pay.


The choice between which option to get (or even whether to get CCW insurance) is pretty much your choice alone. Hopefully, our comparison of the best two concealed carry insurance companies helps you make up your mind.

However, if you’re still stuck, remember this: we’ve heard plenty of great feedback from both companies. They are both reputable organizations, and they each provide good coverage – we wouldn’t judge your decision to go with either one.

It was tough for us to pick between USCCA and CCW Safe, however we would go with the CCW Safe for ourselves.

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