President Uhuru Mulls Reintroducing COVID-19 Restrictions

November 2, 2020

President Uhuru Kenyatta has indicated that the government may soon reintroduce the recently lifted restrictions against the spread of COVID-19.

Speaking at the All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi County Sunday, Uhuru, however, said the impending lockdown be unnecessary only if Kenyans adhere to the government’s call for personal responsibility.

President Kenyatta lauded the church for observing Ministry of Health guidelines during the Sunday service to mark the 50th anniversary of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK).

“I am actually quite impressed today, because we have been having a serious COVID-19 problem today and it is growing, and on an occasion like this that is so central and critical to your history, you have managed to put together a service where you are obeying and following all the necessary laid down protocols that have been set; hongera sana, pongezi,” he said.

Adding: “We’re going through that very difficult time of saying ‘now what do we do again, do we close up?’ We shall be coming back to that…not today, but soon…but when I see this, it says that we don’t have to (go into lockdown) if only people would observe (guidelines) and would be caring of their fellow citizens.”

President Kenyatta reiterated the importance of taking personal responsibility seriously.

“It is possible to keep COVID-19 at bay and still be able to live and lead a normal life. I only wish that this issue of personal responsibility would be taken to heart because truly, we are facing a major challenge. When we reopened we agreed that people take up personal responsibility, and I’m glad to say the Anglican church has taken up that call, and if we all did it we would keep COVID-19 at bay and be able to continue to drive our economic agenda,” the president said.

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