New Bill Seeking To Scrap Parking Fees In Hospitals

November 4, 2020

Parking fees in all public and private hospitals will be scrapped if a new bill is passed into law.

Wajir Senator Abdullahi Ali tabled the Bill that will bar hospitals and other public institutions from charging entry and parking fees on individuals seeking treatment.

According to the Senator, the parking fees are exorbitant and amount to double taxation.

“Charging entry fees amounts to double taxation as the motorists who would have paid the parking fees will still pay for the services they seek. Access to hospitals, educational institutions and other places offering essential services might be hindered due to exorbitant parking fees levied on motorists,” Mr Ali says in the notice of motion.

The bill also touches on all other facilities that provide public services.

Senator Abdullahi Ali wants the house to compel governors and the Cabinet Secretary for Lands, Housing and Physical Planning to develop regulations that will ensure individuals do not pay for parking or pay ‘affordable fees.’

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