VIDEO: Suspected Pedophile Attempts to Attack Magistrate in Mombasa Court

October 1, 2020


A suspected sex pest accused of sodomising a minor caused a scene on Wednesday when he attempted to attack the magistrate during a court proceeding.

Reports indicate that this is the second time Ismael Mustafa had turned violent and attempted to attack Chief Magistrate Edna Nyaloti.

During an August court session, Mustafa reportedly charged towards the magistrate while she was busy writing down proceedings forcing the shaken magistrate to scamper for safety even leaving her shoes behind.

On Wednesday, Magistrate Nyaloti was not taking any chances as she ordered prison wardens, who had escorted the suspect to court, to handcuff him.

“Court orderlies, restrain the suspect by handcuffing him. He had previously attempted to attack me. Just handcuff please,” she ordered.

Mustafa, however, resisted the restraint and appeared to charge towards the Magistrate’s direction before court orderlies wrestled him to the ground.

Just like the first time, the magistrate scampered for her safety and retreated to her chambers.

Prison officers overpowered the suspect and dragged him out of the court.

Mustafa is accused of sodomising a three-and-a-half-year-old boy in Jomvu area on February 16, 2019. He had previously denied the charge and was out on Sh200,000 bond.

On Wednesday, shortly before the incident, Mustafa said his charge sheet had been amended and demanded that the charges filed against him be read afresh.

“Your honour there is no need for you to proceed with the ruling. I have no faith in your court and want you to transfer the matter before another court. I want the high court to decide on this matter because I feel justice is not being done,” said Mustafa.

Nyaloti responded: “I have no objection if you want to file your application before the high court to have the matter transferred to another court but meanwhile the case will proceed before me until you get an order stating otherwise.”

Police records indicate that Mustafa had previously been sentenced for sodomising another minor but he was later acquitted by the High Court after successfully appealing the lower court’s ruling.

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