Trolls Force Ben Githae To Drop BBI Song

October 29, 2020

Gospel singer Ben Githae says internet trolls have prompted him to work on a song about the Building Bridges Initiative.

The ‘Tano Tena’ composer on Sunday released a snippet of the song titled ‘Tuungane na BBI’, that social media users bashed saying he should not release the full track.

Githae on Tuesday said he was requested to compose the jingle for the BBI report launch ceremony on Monday at Bomas of Kenya.

“It was just a jingle but through the trolls, Kenyans have given me an idea to do a complete song,” he said.

“Even when I am asleep, Kenyans can’t let me be. Who told them it is a song? But I will release one so they can feel satisfied.”

“I recorded the song, that is my voice. I plan to release the full song soon. I will issue more details about the song in due time,” added the hitmaker.

Githae, who is a staunch supporter of President Uhuru Kenyatta, was present at the BBI launch on Monday and was the subject of online trolling from a section of Kenyans.

But Githae insists that his affiliation to Jubilee political party is his democratic right and he should not be vilified.

“I have a democratic right to support whoever I like and I have been doing political rallies since 2011 so it shouldn’t be an issue. I have not lost a fan. If I have then those are opposition supporters,” he said.

The musician says the amount of criticism the jingle continues to receive is nothing compared to the congratulatory messages.

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