The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Tuesday October 27)

October 27, 2020

Here are some of the top headlines today.

Analysis: White House admission on pandemic overshadows Trump’s last push for reelection

A stunning White House claim that the US cannot control the fast-worsening pandemic is overshadowing President Donald Trump’s frantic last-ditch bid to turn around his reelection race with Democrat Joe Biden with eight days to go.

US hits highest 7-day average of coronavirus cases since the pandemic began

The latest surge of Covid-19 infections has pushed the seven-day average of new daily cases to heights not seen since the pandemic began.

Black Americans are fired up and flocking to the polls

Fueled by concerns about racial justice and voter suppression, along with distrust of President Trump, African American voters are rushing to the polls in huge numbers.

An all-Black group is arming itself and demanding change. They are the NFAC

When two loud bangs rang out on the streets of Lafayette, Louisiana, no one knew where the gunshots came from as protesters gathered to demand justice for another Black man killed by police.

Chile’s president hails ‘triumph’ as voters back scrapping dictatorship-era constitution

Chile’s President Sebastian Piñera hailed the results of a national referendum held to scrap a dictatorship-era constitution as a “triumph” for democracy.

Prince Azim of Brunei, Sultan of Brunei’s son, dies aged 38

Prince Azim, the son of the Sultan of Brunei, has died aged 38, the country’s government has confirmed.

Adele and SNL under fire for Africa sex tourism sketch

“Saturday Night Live” is facing a backlash over a sketch in which Adele, Kate McKinnon and Heidi Gardner play White divorcees lusting over African men.

With coronavirus contained China’s top leaders meet to plan next five years

China’s top leaders are meeting behind closed doors in Beijing on Monday to map out their economic and political agenda for the next five years, as the ruling Communist Party looks to capitalize on its containment of the coronavirus epidemic.

Lewis Hamilton vs. Michael Schumacher: Who is the greatest?

It will be the question in pub quizzes for years to come. Where did Lewis Hamilton overtake Michael Schumacher’s 91 race wins and become the all-time leader in Formula One Grand Prix victories?

Turkey’s Erdogan urges boycott of French goods

Ties between Turkey and France worsen in a row over secular values and radical Islam.

Tanzania elections: Why pop stars are hailing President Magufuli

“Bongo flava” stars are wowing the crowds in Tanzania with their election beat at mass rallies across the country. At events for the governing Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party, the lyrics of recent hits have been changed to praise President John Magufuli, who is seeking a second term in office on Wednesday.

How my mum fell for conspiracy theories

Sebastian’s mum has became one of the leaders of Britain’s conspiracy community, collecting tens of thousands of followers with false claims – including denying coronavirus exists, blaming the symptoms of Covid-19 on 5G radio waves and likening the NHS to Nazi Germany. Sebastian is worried about his mum’s impact on public health and reasoned debate.

US election 2020: How Trump has changed the world

The president of the United States is not just the leader of his country, he is probably the most powerful person on Earth. What he does changes life for all of us. Donald Trump is no exception. So how exactly has Mr Trump changed the world?

More People Have Already Voted Early Than In 2016 With Days To Go Before Election

More Americans have already voted early in this year’s election than the total tally of early and absentee ballots in 2016, The Associated Press reported Sunday, nine days ahead of Election Day. A total of 58.6 million ballots had been cast as voters flocked to in-person early voting sites or cast absentee ballots amid ongoing concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fox News Anchors Advised To Quarantine After Coronavirus Exposure: Report

The Fox News president and several on-air personalities have been advised to quarantine after sharing a private plane with someone who later tested positive for the coronavirus, The New York Times reported Sunday.

Obama Releases First Excerpt Of New Memoir, Details Fight For Health Care Reform

In a new excerpt from Barack Obama ‘s forthcoming memoir, “A Promised Land,” the former president details his administration’s hard-fought battle for health care reform. “I was convinced that the logic of health-care reform was so obvious that even in the face of well-organized opposition I could rally the American people’s support,” Obama wrote of the Affordable Care Act in the passage, published Monday in The New Yorker.

Kamala Harris: Being The First Female Vice President Would Change The Future

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said Sunday that becoming the first woman vice president would change the future of the White House. During an interview with Norah O’Donnell on “60 Minutes,” the Democratic vice presidential nominee said : “It helps change the perception of who can do what, because that is still part of the battle after all,” says Kamala Harris about the potential impact of being the first woman of color as vice president.

One true thing Donald Trump said in that ’60 Minutes’ interview

In Sunday night’s now infamous 60 Minutes interview, Donald Trump told at least 16 lies, according to CNN. But he did get something right. Right before he made a number of menacing statements to Lesley Stahl, and then walked off in a huff in the middle of the interview, Trump reminded the world how he ended up in the White House in the first place.

Twitter marvels at a prophetic Joe Biden tweet from exactly one year ago

It was Oct. 25, 2019 when former Vice President and hopeful 2020 candidate Joe Biden tweeted out a warning to the American public. “We are not prepared for a pandemic,” he wrote, weeks ahead of COVID-19 being named and flagged as an emerging threat.

Facebook wants NYU researchers to stop sharing the political ad data it keeps secret

Facebook isn’t happy with New York University. It’s because of NYU Ad Observatory, a newly launched research project from the university’s engineering school that aims to show how different election campaigns are spending their ad money on the site, and what kinds of voters they’re targeting.

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