Revealed: Most Watched TV Stations In Kenya

October 15, 2020

Citizen TV is still the most watched TV station in Kenya, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) has revealed.

According to the latest Audience Measurement and Industry Trends Report Q2 2019-2020, the Royal Media Services-owned Station commanded an audience of 48%, followed by KTN Home with 11.9 pc, and Inooro TV with 10.4 pc.

Nation Media groups NTV lost its top 3 slot to rank fourth with a total audience of 10.1pc. KTN News (9.9%), K24 TV (6%), KBC (3.3%), Ebru TV (3.1%), Kameme (3%) and Switch TV (2.9%) complete the top ten list of most popular free-to-air stations.

According to the report,  TV viewership in the country peaks during prime time 6 pm – 10 pm.

During the day, TV stations enjoy relatively similar viewership but Citizen TV’s biggest spike is at 1 pm. Another huge spike happens in the evening when the popular Maria show airs right after the 7 pm news.

Citizen TV is also a fan favorite for urban and rural audiences in equal measure. Inooro, NTV, K24 are highly consumed in rural areas while KTN Channels, Switch and Ebru TV are more popular in urban settings.

In terms of viewers’ feedback, viewers registered overwhelming satisfaction with the content they watch on TV at 85% and only 8% expressed satisfaction with TV content.

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