Reasons Why Men Cheat, Ciku Muiruri Speaks on Size 8 and DJ Mo’s Scandal

October 9, 2020

As you would expect, former Classic FM radio presenter Ciku Muiruri has something to say about the cheating scandal of the hour that has rocked the marriage of popular gospel couple DJ Mo and Size 8.

The former radio presenter who was once infamous for exposing cheating partners on her ‘Busted’ radio show took to social media to reveal why married men cheat.

According to Ciku, men are wired differently and they cheat for a “myriad of reasons”.

“Your hubby cheats for a myriad of reasons and sometimes they have nothing to do with you. Home life is great; I think I’ll cheat. Interchangeable with home life is bad; I think I’ll cheat. It’s Tuesday, I think I’ll cheat. I’m wearing blue today; I think I’ll cheat. It’s 7 pm; I think I’ll cheat. I had a burger for lunch; I think I’ll cheat. Guys are wired differently. They do things sometimes just because they can. And if they believe they can get away with it! Don’t look for a life-changing, jaw-dropping reason,”  she opined.

The author also poured cold water on the longheld opinion that cheaters should cheat with a “cheatee” that looks better than their partners.

Social media went into a frenzy when they saw the lady that Gospel DJ Sammy Muraya aka DJ MO is allegedly cheating on Size 8 with and they harped on and on about her looks. Many are of the opinion that if a man cheats it should be with someone better looking. You think so? When did cheating snobbery take root in our psyche? I have never placed that much importance on looks. Yeah, it helps to be noticed but more important than that – It’s about how you make him FEEL. Never think beauty is enough,” she stated.

At the same time, Ms Muiruri shared a story of a neighbour who used to cheat on his wife with her(Ciku’s) househelp.

“I used to do a late-night show when I first started on radio. While I was at work, my neighbour used to sneak into my house to have relations with my house help. His wife knew and never caused about it because she thought he was sneaking into my house to sleep with me. (??)

“Anyhow, she shared this with a friend, who asked her how he can be with me when I’m on air until 1 am. That’s when the lady stormed to my house and found him with my house help. The next day she came to tell me the story – How my house had been turned into a love nest. Ewwww. One line she said has always stuck with me: It was ok when I thought he was with you but how can he go beneath me???” recounted Ciku.

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