Churchill Speaks On Challenges Facing Kenyan Comedians

October 22, 2020

Veteran comedian Daniel Ndambuki, alias Churchill, says the main challenge facing most comedians is pressure from social media.

Speaking during the late Othuol Othuol’s tribute episode on Churchill Show, the funnyman noted that comedy is a lonely and demanding job as it requires creativity at all times.

“It’s a personal war that you are fighting with yourself. What makes people laugh today may not make them laugh tomorrow, and so you have to be creative every day,” he said.

Noting that fame also costs some comedians, Churchill said one needs to be financially disciplined.

“You have to be disciplined to take the brand to the next level. You have come and performed, you are famous, you get money and you don’t know how to manage it,” he said.

Adding: “Automatically you get friends. Some are good while others are bad. And because acting is not a full-time job, you have to supplement it to get money elsewhere. The little you have, you have to manage it.”

Churchill said comedians feel the pressure of social media expectations.

“Social media is the main challenge as once you have a big name and big following, you think you have to impress people every day.

“You have to feed this animal called social media every day. You have a whole family and the expectation becomes so much.”

Churchill further implored Kenyans to help comedians whenever they can as some of them are going through so much pressure from the industry.

“When you meet these creative people at social places or anywhere, go say hi to them and interact with them,” he said.

“It may make a difference as most of them are constantly thinking. At times, it takes a nation to build a comedian. The appreciations heal the soul and if they give you the laugh, give them the love.”

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