Oparanya: Senate Not Serious, It Should Be Dissolved

September 17, 2020

Governors are going ahead with plans to shut down counties after Senators failed to pass the revenue sharing formula.

Speaking on Wednesday, CoG chairman Wycliffe Oparanya blamed the Senate for making a bad situation worse.

“The plan to shut down counties tomorrow (September 17) is on. Our bare minimum is that counties get at least 50 percent of the shareable revenue as advised by the Supreme Court, or at the very least, the release of the full allocations for the months of July, August and September,” Mr Oparanya told reporters.

“If nothing happens, then we will have no choice but to shut down counties and no service shall be offered.”

The Kakamega governor suggested that the Senate should just be dissolved.

“These people are not serious. In fact, this Senate should just be dissolved. We asked them to pass the County Allocation Revenue Bill so we can get the money as they continue the debate on the revenue sharing formula. But they have tied everything to this formula, and it is the counties that are now suffering,” added the governor.

In a statement, Oparanya said all non-essential county services have been suspended and county employees advised to proceed on leave for two weeks.

He also said county health facilities will not permit any new inpatient admissions.

“They will only provide minimal outpatient services,” he said, adding: “In the meantime, the council will continue to push for the speedy release of county funds.”

Oparanya noted that county staff, including frontline health workers, have not been paid for three months.

Despite Uhuru’s intervention on Tuesday, the Senate for the 10th time failed to resolve the county revenue-sharing stalement.

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