Netizens Disappointed After Mutahi Kagwe Said, “It Is Not My Job To Fight Corruption” [VIDEO]

September 8, 2020

Health Cabinet Mutahi Kagwe drew the wrath of Kenyans on social media after he claimed that it is not in his job description to fight corruption in the graft-ridden ministry.

Speaking in an interview with KTN News on Sunday, September 6, CS Kagwe said his main job was to provide Kenyans with quality health care services.

Kagwe explained that by the time he was appointed to head the Health docket, corruption was already deeply entrenched in the Ministry.

“We have a problem and this problem is not a secret…everybody in Kenya knows what has been going on in the ministry over a long time. The issue of corruption is here and it had entrenched itself within the ministry substantially,” said Kagwe.

He added: “It is one thing to eliminate corruption, and quite another to get the system moving efficiently. It is not enough to fight corruption. My job is not to fight corruption, my job is to provide healthcare. It’s important for that distinction to be clear…that I’m not here to fight corruption. Fighting corruption is a means of giving healthcare, it is a means that justifies the end; which is giving people affordable, efficient and proper healthcare.”

Coming from someone who held promise when he was appointed to the crucial Health ministry early this year, and even went on to earn high acclaim locally and internationally as a ‘Covid-19’ hero and a potential presidential candidate, Mutahi Kagwe’s remarks about corruption left a section of Kenyans on Twitter largely disappointed.

Some called for his resignation, others pointed out that he was just arrogant, while others reminded him that his job is to manage the Health Ministry and fighting corruption is part and parcel of it.

Check out the video below and read some reactions thereafter.

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