Majirani is Back! Legendary Rapper hooks up with Sailors Gang for a massive collabo (PHOTOS)

September 4, 2020

Even though the coronavirus has greatly affected the arts and the entire Kenyan music industry in general, still, artists like Majirani, who used to be one of the biggest pop rappers of back in the day, have decided to use this same time to relaunch their music career and remind the world of their past exploits.

After causing some huge waves in the industry for a couple years, bagging awards left, right and centre, Majirani took a back seat and let the youngins take over and spice up the industry.

Now, the ‘Tukumbukeko’ hitmaker is back to claim his throne and remind everyone just who is King.

And because things have changed mightily since the last time he was around, Majirani’s management has now decided to bring into his fold the high-flying Dabonge group Sailors for one hell of a collabo.

“We decided that, since alot has changed since the last time he was last around, we do things a little differently… And that’s why we have called in the sensational Sailor’s group to help inject the much needed fire into Majirani’s new come back single,” Winnie Oketch, the head of PR at Candy and Candy Records says.

Candy and Candy is one of Nairobi oldest record labels in Nairobi that has itself undergone a metarmphosis since its glorious days with Mr. Nice to today.

And now, in parternship with prestigouus beauty maker Nara Luxury, headed by Top Tanzanian business woman and entrepreneur Nasra Sway, Majirani has already recorded and shot the music video for his latest single ‘Chebukati’, that, going by its name alone, promises to really cause quite the buzz.

And just like in the US, where top rappers like Nickin Minaj, Rihanna, Drake and Lil Wayne charge mind-boggling amounts for a guest verse on a song, Sailor’s too, we learn, charged top dollar for their appearance in the song and consequent video shoot.

“We cannot disclose how much we made, of course. We cannot really tell you how much we charged. Actually, it wasn’t really charging. It was basically like renumeration,” Masilver of Sailors Gang says.

“The interesting part is that we were actually paid in Pessa Coin. It’s crazy. First time we’ve accepted payment in virtual money. Our lawyers walisaidia sana hapo, haha… Hio maneno sisi hata hatukuwa tunajua ni nini, it’s amazing…” he adds.

Pessa Coin is the first block chain in Kenya and, in conjuction with Candy and Candy Music, has penetrated the market to not just make artists’ lives better but also push the industry further.

The video to ‘Chebukati’ will be dropping soon but first, feast your eyes on these juicy pics from the behind the scenes shoot.

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