Lillian Muli Questions Parents Who Create Instagram Accounts For Their Babies

September 9, 2020

Media personality Lillian Muli reignited the contentious debate about parents creating Instagram profiles for their children after making her opinion known on the topic.

Taking to social media Tuesday, the Citizen TV news anchor highlighted the importance of privacy saying children should at least be given the option of growing up and deciding whether they want to be in the limelight.

The mother of two, who is one of the most private Instagram personalities, also faulted internet users who publicly profess love for loved ones who are not on social media.

“Privacy is power! Why are you professing love your love to your person if they aren’t even on IG? Just tell them in person,” wrote ‘Mama Boys’ in part.

She continued: “Also I wonder when we open Instagram accounts for our babies have we given them an option to grow up and decide whether they want a public life? Smh”

Realizing that her remarks could offend some people, Lillian Muli added a disclaimer saying that she was only thinking out loud.

“Musings…thinking out loud. Disclaimer my views are mine and mine only. Do what makes you Happy,” she captioned.

In the comments section, a majority of IG users agreed with Muli. Dj Mistadru was one of them, writing: “Spot on! ? Exactly why I flipped my IG life a while ago… It’s all about ME and what I want you to see! Ama? ???”

Willis Raburu simply commented: “Weeeeh ?”

One parent, @wakariuki, spoke from personal experience, saying: “My boys had to sit me down for a grown up conversation sometimes last year. Weee ! I had to pinch my ears hard. I stopped taking their photos and posting them on social. They told me they are on social and they will post their own photos if they feel the need to… I learned ….”

“The one that kills me is when the baby replies people on IG???‍♀️” wrote @dollar_dollie.

@ndambukijames26 opined: I see no problem if the person who carried the baby for 9 months is not complaining.most of these babies are brands.”
@muirituwakabete: Especially babies. Imagine your whole life from diapers to adulthood on display before millions of strangers heh.”
“In my opinion, it’s okay to do whatever makes you feel fulfilled. What makes me happy may not make sense to you and vice versa. We’re different and that’s what make life Interesting or rather beautiful,” said @kemboibrenda15.
Another parent, @shumicate, narrated her personal experience: “The kids account part??I once posted my son on Facebook then he had my phone akaona comments he was like”hapa ni wapi picha yangu iko?” Told him Facebook…he then asked “but mum sijasema nataka watu wanione,wengine hata sijui na hawanijui” ?that is when I deleted all of his pics and respected the young man’s privacy…am gonna let him decide when he grows up.”
@wanjiru3235 was of the opinion that: Nowadays people r living life like its a competition. Just coz ur friend has all his/her fam all over social media doesn’t mean u need to do it too.”
@_obegi: I agree with you ? children out here having accounts and they can’t even speak or even write what happens if they grow up and realize publicity is not their thing? Sad.”
@rose.mbugi: I always wonder how all those kids posted in pumpers will react after becoming teenagers….. ….”

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