Newborn Miraculously Survives After Being Dumped in 15ft Snake-infested Septic Tank

September 23, 2020
The snakes that were found surrounding the newborn in a septic tank

Police in Mkaomoto area, Malindi sub-county are looking for a woman who reportedly dumped her newborn baby in a snake-infested septic tank.

The infant survived the ordeal after a passerby heard his cries, alerting residents who rescued the baby by going down the 15 feet septic tank using a ladder. Two snakes had surrounded the baby when he was rescued but they did not harm him, the Star reports.

A video shared by locals captured the rescue mission showing the rescuer wrapping the naked infant in a leso and handing him over to a group of women who were waiting outside the tank.

According to the publication, the snakes were killed after the child was rescued.

The baby was still crying when he was rescued and witnesses believed his mother dumped him soon after giving birth.

The newborn was taken to Malindi sub-county hospital where doctors gave him a clean bill of health.

Held Esliy, a Gender-Based violence activist from Malindi condemned the act and called on police to bring the perpetrator to book.

“Police are looking for the mother of the child. As a mother I condemn the act, a child is an angel how does one do such an inhuman act to an innocent soul?” she posed.

Malindi OCS Stephen Mwachia with the rescued infant. Photo/ Alphonce Gari

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