DPP Haji Finds Sufficient Evidence To Prosecute Garissa Governor

September 11, 2020

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) has approved the prosecution of Garissa County Governor Ali Korane.

In a press statement released on Thursday evening, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji said there is sufficient evidence to prosecute the governor and four others over misappropriation of Sh233 million World Bank grants.

The other four include Finance Chief Officer Ibrahim Nur Malow, Treasury Head MohammedAbdi Abdullahi, Municipality CEC Abdi Shale and Head of accounting at municipal, Ahmed Abdullahi Aden.

Haji noted that he handed over investigations to experienced prosecutors to avoid allegations of bias since the probe involved his county of origin.

Investigations by the independent team appointed by Haji found that instead of the money being used for the construction of a market, re-carpeting of CBD roads and putting up of pedestrian walkways and setting up of drainages, it was diverted between February and September 2019.

Haji said the diversions were facilitated by the accused persons.

“Having been persuaded by the findings and recommendations of the team, I adopt their findings that there is sufficient evidence to support charges,” said the DPP.

Haji preferred five charges against the accused persons, including conspiracy to commit an economic crime, willful failure to comply with the law relating to management of public finances and misappropriation of public funds.

Other charges are engaging in a project without prior planning contrary to provisions in the Public Finance Management Act and abuse of office.

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