Crowded Matatus, Political Gatherings Jeopardising Gains Made in Covid-19 War, State Warns

September 10, 2020

The Ministry of Health has warned that laxity by some Kenyans in observing the coronavirus directives will jeopardise the progress that has been made in containing the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking Wednesday, Health Chief Administrative Secretary Rashid Aman noted that majority of Kenyans are no longer wearing face masks in public places.

He also observed that there is a shocking laxity in the public transport sector where PSVs are carrying excessive passengers.

Dr Aman also raised concerns over congested marketplaces and overcrowded political gatherings.

“Our team noted that there is continued overloading of some matatus and buses both in rural and in urban areas with no regard to the social and physical distancing required. Overcrowding in public places especially in marketplaces is becoming common with people not observing the social distancing rule,” Aman said.

The CAS urged public transport operators, politicians and Kenyans at large to keep observing all the necessary measures because the virus is still active.

“These challenges are rolling back the gains we have made since we began fighting this pandemic. I want to urge our people and those in the public transport to cooperate with the government and not allow their vehicles to be the weak link in the fight against the virus. The more squeezed people are the easier it is to spread the virus,” said Aman.

He added: “While it is important to go on with our daily duties let us not lose focus on the fight against the disease.”

Kenya on Wednesday recorded 104 new COVID-19 cases taking the country’s caseload to 35, 460 cases.

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