‘Wolper Wanted Diamond to be her Lover’ – Harmonize Reveals Ex-Lover’s Cheating Ways

August 12, 2020

Hitmaker Harmonize has spilled the beans on his past relationship with Tanzanian fashion stylist turned actress Jacqueline Wolper.

Speaking for the first time since they broke up back in 2017, Harmonize said it was Wolper who was cheating on him and not the other way round as the actress had earlier claimed.

According to Harmonize, Wolper even made a pass at Diamond Platnumz when he was still with Zari Hassan.

“We had a party at Diamond Platnumz’s place and without shame, she wanted Diamond to be her lover. She told Diamond she would bear a boy for him. At the time, Diamond only had a daughter, Latiffah,” Harmonize said last weekend.

“She told him she was with me (Harmonize) just to be close to him (Diamond).”

Harmonize added that Wolper cheated on him with two men and that he unwittingly financed her cheating ways.

“I have never talked about this because I do not like disparaging women. I have suffered silently but my ex in every interview says I dated Michelotti for money, that she is my sponsor…. When I toured the United States, she too, travelled to Burundi on business,” said the hitmaker.

“In Burundi, there was a man who chauffeured her around in a Range Rover, and when I saw photos of them together had gotten out of hand, I asked her. She said he was her host, a brother, and there was nothing to it. A month earlier, she had gone to China, and I gave her Tsh30 million as capital to stock her fashion house,” he added.

“And when she went there, she was with a man and she told me she could not date him. Right now, they are lovers, it means they started dating a long time ago.”

“I bought her a car worth TSh 15 million and when I was surprising her, the man from China called her and she had saved her ‘My Love’ on her phone. I was very hurt and angry. For the first time, I read her messages and got messages from different men.”

Harmonize also faulted Wolper for claiming that his Italian wife, Sarah Michelotti, is his sponsor.

“I had planned not to say anything about this, but she has continuously been saying bad things about Sarah. When you call a woman that I love a sponsor, how do you expect me to react, as a human being it hurts. I mean someone whom you are expecting a baby with because Sarah is pregnant,” said the singer

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