The highly-anticipated collaboration between Vivian and Stivo Simple Boy premiered on YouTube Monday.

Dubbed ‘Simpo Simpo’, the song is about a simple girl with a simple heart who develops love for a simple boy with a simple smile.

Produced by Mavo on the Beat and directed by Jijo Drumbeats, ‘Simpo Simpo’ is a flirty song where Stivo and Vivian shoot their shots at each other. Some would say the track is a case of the proverbial beauty and the beast falling in love.

Despite being a reported virgin, Stivo Simple Boy shows he is a straight shooter with clean, well-crafted, Swahili sanifu raps that would put Gengetone rappers to shame. No sexual objectification, no cuss words, no alcohol, no drugs, just tea and vibes.

Check out ‘Simpo Simpo’ below. Rating: Stivo -10/10, Ndio Maanake. Overall 6.5/10.