Why Vera Sidika Has Relocated to Mombasa

July 7, 2020

Popular Instagram personality Vera Sidika has relocated from the Capital city to Mombasa over health complications.

Speaking to Standard, the socialite said the cold weather in Nairobi forced her out of the city to the much warmer coastal region. She said she developed a serious flu that threatened her health.

“I started sneezing and caught the flu. Everyone started looking at me as if I had contracted Covid-19 and that forced me to get tested. I am well though. I am doing better here,” she said.

“My voice had sort of gone and I have had to take care of my health; what I am taking and what I am wearing. Mombasa is warmer. The weather here is good and I trust I will be here quite a while,” she added.

It remains unclear how Vera traveled from Nairobi to Mombasa given the lockdown order of both cities, which has since been lifted.

Following Uhuru’s briefing on Monday where he lifted the cessation of movement order, Vera invited those who were trapped out of Mombasa to the city.

“Y’all that were trapped and couldn’t get to Mombasa coz of lockdown can come to Mombasa now,” she wrote.

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