These Are Some of the Most Annoying Casino Players You Can Come Across

July 21, 2020

Nothing ruins your fantastic experience at the casino more than seeing people who make every second you spend there seem frustrating. You are on your game trying to make some bucks or maybe just enjoying a great time with the variety of games available to you, and you see somebody continually messing with your focus. Do you think that’s the most annoying? Wait until you see this list of the most annoying casino players that you can come across.

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Annoying casino players you will come across

The “I could have done it better”

Most people in this crew of annoying people don’t come to play the game; they happen to tell you how they could have spun better or won a game. They believe they know everything about the game. Give them a chance, and there goes your money, gone like the wind. They will reduce your focus, make you feel like you’re weak or unintelligent, think they studied the games with the gods, or set the house rules. When you meet people like this, it is advised to tell them to mind their own business or hold on till they’re gone.

The machine wreckers

If you have ever visited a casino and tried to play a game, only to find out that the buttons don’t work well anymore, well, it’s courtesy of the machine wreckers. These will transfer all their aggression on the machine — the buttons especially. You don’t want to see them lose a bet, the machines almost become a punching bag.

The nasty fellows

Somebody walks past you and wonder if they even have a care in the world about how they look or how people see them. The sweaty smell, the uncouth behavior, the loudness, and every other thing that screams nasty. The worst part is that most of these people are clingy. They want to speak in your ears all the time, they want to tell you what to do, they want to mock you for losing. They have no respect for themselves and others.

The all-rounders

Don’t bother yourself about these fellows. They are all over the casino. They want to play every game. They want to try their luck. They want to see if the goddess of luck would shine her face on them and point them to the perfect game to win money. They barely have any focus throughout their stay in the casino. If luck does shine on them, it doesn’t stop them from hopping.

The observers

There are two types of these people. The less annoying and the ones you wish you could kill. The less annoying people don’t bother you. They come in the form of beginners who want to learn the game. They stand behind you all through your time there, just watching everything you do. They don’t play and they won’t. Now, the ones you wish you could kill are top-notch annoying. They sit at a machine and don’t do anything. They stare at the person next to them who is playing and enjoying himself. Sometimes they even give unsolicited advice, like, so if you’re that good, why not just play the one right in front of you?

The addict

You will see this set of people in every casino. They will sell everything and even opt to offer their clothes for a time with the machine. These don’t care how they look. They want to stake their wager. They are desperate, and because of that, they usually lose games. Advise them at your peril. They typically leave the casino when they have exhausted their money and come back the next minute they get some more money. These people only have one job for their money, and it’s gambling.

The heavy drinker/smoker

One thing that can annoy you more than somebody nasty is someone who blows smoke in your face. You’re standing by a slot, and somebody has four packets of cigarettes lined up for a smoking session while they’re at the machine. You end up wondering if you went there to fill your lungs with other people’s smoke or play the game. They are unapologetic; they don’t care how you feel; they believe it’s the way life is. If you’re not a smoker, you could have a hard time dealing with these.

The cry-babies

These will whine and complain to everyone’s ears whenever they lose a game. It is always the game’s fault for them. They will keep a sad and depressed face, crashing your hopes of winning. In my opinion, people like this are bad luck. Stick around them too much, and you’ll begin to lose and feel like a victim also. 

The storytellers

Every casino has this group. They will seek to get everyone’s attention by telling unsolicited stories, which are usually false. They will tell you about how they won thousands of dollars and refused to go home until they lost it all again. They will show you how they advised somebody, and the person lost because they didn’t take their advice. It would be best if you were on the lookout for them. They are time wasters.


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