New KeMusic: Jimwat Shares Inspiring Story of Alcohol & Substance Addiction in ‘Singe’

July 15, 2020

Genge rapper Jimwat has broken his long musical hiatus with a deep and personal new single dubbed ‘Singe’.

In ‘Singe’, Swahili for ‘I Shouldn’t Have’, the ‘Under 18’ hitmaker tackles sensitive youth-related topics such as depression, hopelessness, gambling, and substance and alcohol abuse. The rapper channels his personal struggle with alcohol addiction and reflects on his regrets while insisting that it is not worth having regrets.

Jinwat, who started a self-titled Foundation to help recovering addicts, said: “I use my #AddictionAndRecovery story which has been a tough-journey aiming to help guys who feel they have alcohol or drug abuse-related issues.

“I figured alcoholism is downplayed but has and is still messing up a lot of our people especially the youth in higher learning institutions and the jobless ones since addiction halts a person’s current/future growth. The aim of the initiative is to have that social set up that will help us fight drug abuse, help alcoholics heal through talks, seminars and awareness campaigns all over the country. Together with my team, we believe we can help heal this nation from alcoholism and the greater drug dependency,” he added.

‘Singe’ audio was produced by MeNMyCousinEnt and remastered by BlackTrecords while the video is the work of Vj One(Pixon Films).

Check it out below. Rating 7/10.

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