An IT Professional’s Guide in Preparing for Google Analytics Certification (Plus Tips in Using Exam Dumps)

July 13, 2020

Getting ready for your Google Analytics certification exam? Do you want to know what helpful training options are available and how to make your studies even more effective? Then buckle up as we will disclose all this information further. This article will also provide you with key insights about this in-demand Google platform. And now let’s start with its overview. 

The Introduction of Google Analytics

On November 14, 2005, Google Analytics was introduced as a web service to track down and report site traffic. From there, it has become one of the most well-loved analytics software used by thousands of businesses around the world. Using it, you can efficiently evaluate your website traffic and create necessary insights for your business success. 

When using Google Analytics, you will come across key features such as user interface, APIs, client libraries. More so, these cover traffic reporting, conversion tracking, keyword recommendations, and third-party websites. And most importantly, it encompasses fundamental components like data collection, configuration, handling, and reporting.

If you want to know more about Google Analytics and be able to work with it effectively you can opt for the certification provided by Google itself. To earn it, you should pass the exam named Google Analytics IQ which requires your knowledge of all the basic features of this service. Let’s find out what you can do when preparing for your assessment to pass it easily and successfully. 

Brilliant tips to take into account for your Google Analytics IQ exam

Becoming well-versed in Google Analytics is manageable with the help of GAIQ exam. It was created to assess your comprehension of the Google Analytics platform as well as Digital Analytics. And to help you complete this test, here are some notable reminders. 

* Have a thorough idea of the certification exam

Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam is the most efficient way to know how well you understand the basic and even advanced features surrounding this service. These include the proper manner to extract, configure, implement, manage, convert, and report data.

Metrics and dimensions are also pivotal concepts elaborated in the exam. On top of these, you will acquire familiarity with how product integration works, along with cross-device measurement and sales reporting. 

* Familiarize the exam details

It’s also significant that you know the ABC’s of the exam. GAIQ is a 90-minute assessment of your knowledge through 70 given questions. The exam format, however, is not provided by Google because the tasks vary from time to time. 

Since this is a timed exam, you cannot pause it. This means if you accidentally close the test, it will be invalid. Consequently, if the timer runs out and you haven’t answered enough questions (the needed score is at least 80% or 56 questions), then you won’t pass the test. More so, it’s not possible for you to review your answers.

* Don’t worry about the exam fee

Unlike other certification exams, GAIQ is actually free of charge. So, all you have to do is prepare physically and mentally to pass the assessment on your first attempt. Before it was priced at $50, so better take advantage of this valuable test now when it won’t cost you a dollar! It’s definitely something that you’ll find useful in your career and in your business. 

* Assess your experience beforehand

Google has its own training courses for its GAIQ exam. But before you start with your training, it’s important to know your level of familiarity with the platform. If you’re a neophyte who has close to zero knowledge of this platform, opt for the “Google Analytics for Beginners”. If you are quite informed about the ins and outs of this popular web service, then select “Advanced Google Analytics”. Both these courses are designed for your specific needs.

* Practice diligently with the help of exam dumps

Lots of preparation resources can be found online. Aside from the mentioned Google Analytics courses, you can get support from This is an excellent website offering exam dumps for your GAIQ certification exam. They have free downloadable vce files that you can use to answer the real questions from past exams to check your skills without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Along with the free exam dumps, they also give you another option ― a Premium Bundle ($44,99) which is a collection of materials furnished with the premium dump validated by IT professionals and training lectures. And don’t forget to also download the VCE Exam Simulator, which will run the exam dumps and give you a chance to have an insight into the real exam structure. Also, this software will help you to monitor your progress and take your trial tests with a set time limit like it will be on the main one.

* Take the test only when you’re fully ready

A certification exam is still challenging even if it’s for free. Therefore, you have to be fully ready before you hit the button and take your test because the next attempt can be made only in 7 days. Luckily, GAIQ is right on your fingertips. You don’t have to spend hours just to reach your testing center. The exam is readily available online via Skillshop.

* Be informed of the validity of the exam

Most certifications are regularly updated, hence the need for you to recertify. Upon successful completion of your GAIQ exam, you will be awarded with a personalized Google Analytics certificate, which will then be valid for 1 year. Consequently, you need to take the exam again, every year, so that you are equipped with relevant skills. It may seem like a tedious and unnecessary process, but this is actually crucial so you will stay current with the latest features added into the platform.


We all know that a website acts as a principal hub of your digital traffic. This means that with your Google Analytics certification, you can easily keep up with your virtual marketing effectiveness. Your credential further opens up lots of benefits somewhere in your journey as a professional in web analytics. So, make the most out of your certification exam with exam dumps and give your best during your test!

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