Akothee Opens Up On Suffering From a Disease Called “Being Too Nice”

July 10, 2020

Celebrity musician, Akothee, is suffering from a serious case of being too nice. As a result, the philanthropist is taking a break from her charity work through her eponymous foundation.

Barely a month after she spoke out about some of the hardships she has been facing while running the Akothee Foundation, the singer said she is burnt out following a hectic schedule in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

Noting that she suffers from a disease called ‘being too nice’, Akothee on Thursday said trying to fix everyone else’s problems had taken a toll on her health.

“Over the years, I have been suffering from a disease called “Being too Nice”, this disease has taken me to hospitals numbers of times. I never knew why I was successful but still tired and feeling empty even while in a relationship. Little did I know I had people around me who sucked my energy, And I always felt the need to attend to them & play a mother figure even to my employees ?, and try to put everyone’s sh*t together??.

“I have this heart that I am soo passionate of what I do and overprotective and caring for people/family around me ??, I have this stupid heart that makes me burn my finger every day. Whenever I say No to my children or family/friends, I go into a small depression and feel like, I should just give in to what they ask me to do ?‍♂️. Unfortunately, all this things are normally one-sided and people will only miss me when I am no more ??, they might not feel my presence now until that D Day,” wrote Akothee.

She added that she learnt to say no to people draining her when she turned 40.

“When I turned 40, I learnt to say NO TO BULSHIT & Even my children/ Family think I am mean & crazy? NO I grew up. I have a terrible burn out since Corona, I have been having heavy schedules with the foundation / Akothee Empire. I am just pushing myself to accomplish my target for 2020 but I am very tired ??Atleast I have no relationship weighing me down,” she added.

“If you have no business don’t call my number. I WILL TAKE A BREAK FROM THE FOUNDATION TOO FOR AFEW MONTHS I AM VERY TIRED

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