Woman Allegedly Raped, Infected With HIV After Getting a Ride From a Motorist

June 4, 2020

A man was on Tuesday arraigned in court for raping a woman and infecting her with HIV on May 27 at Kuthi rental houses along Magadi Road.

A Kibera court heard that the suspect, whose name is withheld, lured the woman with a free ride from a bus stop and drove her to his house where he allegedly committed the offense.

A police report indicates that the victim was at the bus stop at the Catholic University of East Africa waiting to board a matatu to her house in Rongai when the accused approached.

The motorist then offered her ride and drove to a Total Petrol Station where he told the woman that he wanted to greet his friend at a nearby pub.

The police report adds that the woman decided to accompany him but when she too got inside the bar, there was no friend. The man reportedly bought beers which they indulged in.

Kibera Chief magistrate Joyce Gandani in court on June 2

The woman then got worried and asked the man to drop her off in Rongai or she would take a boda boda. But the accused told her that riders are immoral and dangerous at night, the police report seen by the Star newspaper reads.

It adds that the motorist advised the woman to accompany him to his house until the next day as it was almost curfew.

She reportedly agreed and ate supper around 10 pm before they retired to bed and he raped her.

The report adds that the accused used protection both at night and in the morning. However, the woman checked the condoms and realised they had holes.

She insisted they go for an HIV test but he initially refused. He later accepted the test which turned out positive.

Appearing before chief magistrate Joyce Gandani, the accused was charged with rape, committing an indecent act with an adult and deliberately transmitting a sexually transmitted infection to the complainant whose name also was withheld.

The accused denied the charge and was released on Sh200,000 bond or Sh50,000 bail.

The case will proceed on August 10.

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