Why I Didn’t Mind Diamond Dating My Mother – Zari’s Son

June 17, 2020

Zari Hassan’s second-born son Raphael Ssemwanga has opened up on his mother’s relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

In an interview with Tanzania’s SnS, Raphael said he did not mind the relationship because he didn’t have a say on who his mother chose to date. He stated that if Diamond was the one making their mother happy at the time, then it was fine with him.

I didn’t mind because it’s who my mother chose so you know I can’t do anything. If he was making her happy at the time, then that was okay with me,” said Raphael.

SnS presenter Creez Favor probed further, and asked if Raphael and his brothers were close with Diamond. “Were you guys talking to him a lot?” the presenter posed.

Raphael said he was in boarding school and they didn’t see each other much because of Diamond’s hectic schedule.

I was in boarding school at the time so I’d only come home a few times, I didn’t see him that much.”

He also disclosed that his mother calls the singer to talk to his children Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan.

I don’t talk to him but my mum sometimes calls him so he can talk to Tiffah and Nillan,” he said.

Raphael also mentioned that having younger siblings (Tiffah and Nillan) is nice and watching them grow and taking care of them has been a very good experience.

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