Sheila Mwanyigha alias Nikki Marks Music Comeback With Beautiful Love Song

June 9, 2020

Finally! After close to a decade out of the music scene, media personality Sheila Mwanyigha is back to her first love.

The media personality who went by the stage name Nikki is best known for her chart-topping single ‘Niwe Wako Milele’, released back in 2008.

She also ruled the airwaves with the hit ‘Hii Ngoma’ featuring secular-turned-gospel rapper Collins Majale alias Collo, when he was part of the Kleptomanix rap group with Nyashinski and Roba.

The enchanting Nikki also collaborated with the Dandora-based rap group Kalamashaka on ‘Mapenzi Tele’ and ‘Songa Hapa’.

Nikki however never quite lived up to her full potential as a singer, perhaps due to her other media engagements as a radio presenter, TV presenter and host of ‘Tusker Project Fame’.

In 2017, she hinted at a comeback after posting on her socials that she had written a song as special as her classic hit ‘Niwe Wako Milele.’

And just when we were about to give up on a potential Nikki comeback, Sheila Mwanyigha has dropped ‘Pole Pole’, a soothing and mellow love song that I personally can’t get enough of.

‘Pole Pole’ is also special in that Sheila has dropped it as she turns a year older.

She wrote on Instagram alongside a poster of ‘Pole Pole’: “Best. Birthday. Ever.?? Thank you for all the love and happy wishes! ? #PolePole.”

“Thank you for all the love and support you’ve shown me? ? I’m truly grateful and humbled! I’m counting the minutes to share my first love with you, and it’s such a joy to know you’ve been waiting and rooting for Ms.Nikki, ?? “ she added.

‘Pole Pole’ was written the fast-rising singer/songwriter Xeniah Manasseh, and produced by Prvk, Mutoriah, Fadhilee Itulya, and Kamau Kamikaze.

Vocal production was done by Dan Aceda while mixing and mastering was by Prvk and the other guys.

Give it a listen below as we wait with bated breathe for its visuals. Rating 10/10.

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