Police Accused of Dragging Woman on a Motorcycle for Stealing from Deputy OCS

June 11, 2020

Kuresoi South police officers are on the spot after they were accused of tying a suspect to a motorcycle and dragging her on a dirt road.

In a shocking viral video, 21-year-old Mercy Cherono could be heard pleading for her life as she was dragged across the dirt. The video also showed an unidentified officer whipping the suspect on her exposed back with a horsewhip.

The inhumane incident reportedly occurred on Saturday after Ms Cherono was allegedly caught stealing in the house of Kuresoi South Deputy OCS David Kiprotich.

She is said to have been in the company of two other suspects who stole Ksh10,000, police uniforms, a TV set and a sub-woofer.

Ms Cherono was unable to escape with her accomplices and locked herself in the bathroom, where she was found by security officers who proceeded to beat her up before tying her to the motorbike.

The suspect sustained injuries on her head, chest and feet and was later taken to Olenguruone Hospital in Kuresoi South.

According to Citizen Digital, seven suspects were arrested in Molo in connection with the incident but were yet to be arraigned in court.

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