Peponi School Alumnus Recalls her Experience With Racism at Kenyatta-Owned Learning Institution

June 5, 2020

In the wake of the global ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement against racism in the US and other parts of the world, Kenyans too have been jumping on the bandwagon to share their experiences with racism.

On Thursday, we published a story of Julie Gichuru’s encounter with a White Guy Who Believed Black People are Dirty, Lazy Criminals.

We have also seen a number of Kenyans on social media calling out the Indian community in Kenya over racism.

And today, we feature a story by a supposed former student of Peponi High School who shared her experience with racism on Twitter.

NairobiWire could not independently verify these claims.

The tweep, through her Twitter handle @rnbfayz, recalled that upon arrival at the British system institution about 10 years ago, she and other Black students were ridiculed by white and Indian students for being “ghetto”.

“Upon arrival, a few students and I were ridiculed by other white and indian students for being “ghetto” && coming from “ghetto schools”. FYI, I was in Braeside High School. Another British system school. But you know because black people are the majority, it’s ghetto,” she wrote.

The tweep recalled an incident where her cousin who was in the boys boarding section of the learning institution was bullied by older white boys.

“A few days in my younger cousin who was in the boys boarding section complains to me because these older mixed, and white boys bullied him through torturous activities in the dorms. I confronted the older boys about it, again, I was called ghetto and ratchet. Lol.”

‘Mungu ni Mzungu Chants’

In another alleged racist incident, @rnbfayz recalled how during the Obama and John McCain political battle, white students would walk around the school chanting, “Mzungu ni Mungu”.

“How could I forget! When it was Obama vs John McCain, these white students walked around the school chanting “Mzungu ni Mungu” while shoving McCain posters in black students faces. Teachers were aware. School was aware. mzungu ni mungu means the white man is GOD in Swahili,” she tweeted.

“I say all this to say that systemic racism is very much alive. This was 10 years ago. I really wonder what’s going on there today.

“Let’s be honest, how many white-run schools in Kenya encourage this type of behaviour and laugh it off as funny and expressive? This was about 10 years ago. Some of these schools that took so much money from black parents in Kenya created racist pigs and protected them,” she added.

Read the full thread in the screengrabs below.


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