Different Types of Blackjack

June 23, 2020

Tired of all the slot games? Or better yet, are you new to the gambling scene and in need of some relaxation? Then you are in the right place. Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in casinos worldwide. It has stood out since its invention in the 1600s as a lovable and gripping card game.  Here’s a look into the game, it’s different variations, rules and much more. 

Key Terminologies

Blackjack is quite a straightforward table game. However, just like any other game or sport, there are some terms that we thought you ought to know before we begin. Here are a few:

* Hand: It is the sum of cards that the dealer gives you. 
* Dealer: A person given the role to conduct the game. He hands out cards face up (one at a time) to the players in a clockwise rotational motion. That action is referred to as dealing. 
* House: Refers to the people (owners) offering the wager. 
* Deck: A set of cards, usually 52 in number. 

So, what is Blackjack?

This card game is a mix of skill and probability. Skill and luck. The objective of the game (which also applies to its different variations) is pretty straight forward. But first, let’s take a look at the cards. 

Also known as 21, blackjack is a counting game where you compare the value of your cards against those of the dealer. The value of your cards is pretty standard. The value of cards 2 to 10 is taken as is while for the face cards (The King, Queen and Jack) is ten. The Ace can be either taken as one or eleven. Therefore, the value of your hand will be the sum of the cards’ values. 

To win, you must obtain a card total of 21 known as blackjack or less without going over 21. You also win, if you beat the dealer’s hand without going over a total of 21. Going against those two rules is a loss for you.

Other outcomes that are quite typical are: 

* If you are dealt a ten card and an ace and the dealer is not, that is your win. 
* If you and the dealer both exceed 21, you lose. 
* It is a draw if both the dealer and house receive hands that are of the same value. This situation is referred to as a push. 

Different types of blackjack?

While there are many variations of blackjack available in online casinos, we sought to look at the most popular ones. 

* Classic Blackjack

Also referred to as the American Blackjack, this is the most common variation of Blackjack that you will encounter. It can be played with up to 8 decks. The dealer and the player are each dealt two cards each. One of the cards for the dealers is face down. This is referred to as the “hole card.”

One of its unique features is that the dealer gets his hole card before a player arrives at a choice for his hand. 

* Progressive Blackjack

This type of blackjack bears almost all features from the classic blackjack. The difference comes in the winnings. With each round, a player has a chance of winning the jackpot. For a player to participate in the next round, the player has to increase the bet by an additional amount. Hence the name, progressive blackjack. 

* European Blackjack

Together with Classic Blackjack, it is also one of the most common blackjack variations. In contrast to the Classic Blackjack, the dealer receives his card after a player decides what to do with his hand. In addition, the European version of blackjack is only played with two decks. 

* Vegas Strip Blackjack 

As the name suggests, this blackjack type is most commonly played in the Las Vegas Boulevard stretch in Nevada. In this variation, a player exceeding the sum card value is not an automatic loss

It’s a good thing you are playing online then. If you can’t go to Nevada, then Nevada will come to you. 

* Blackjack Switch

This variation offers quite a feature to players. The house deals with two separate hands to each player. Here is where it gets interesting. Before the final call, the player has the option of swapping the second card to each hand. 

* Double Attack Blackjack

This variant of the game seeks to increase the player’s chances of winning the wager. From a Spanish shoe, the cards are dealt to all the players. However, the dealer has no hole card. Both of his cards are revealed for all to see. The player has the option of increasing one’s bet for the round. 

Where can I play online blackjack?

While there might be a variety of online gambling casinos, we recommend you visit Bspin casino. The online casino came to the market in 2018 with a wide range of games including blackjack. The Casino, however, has set itself a different path. Bspin casino makes use of Bitcoin as its sole playing currency. The casino offers quite the unique blackjack experience with its bitcoin blackjack games. Be the first to check out the casino. For more information and tips, click on the hyperlink above. 


Are blackjack games better with more or fewer decks? 
A game with fewer decks is much more advantageous to the player as the probability of certain cards making an appearance decrease substantially once they are dealt out. 

Is card counting illegal? 
Most casinos would not desire to have a card counter near their tables. Though they cannot arrest you, they will have you banned from their establishments. 

Do I have to tip the dealers?
It is considered courteous to tip the dealers especially after a good winning round. 


There are many more variations of the loved card table game available that offer different twists that promise to shake things up. The approach that seems most reasonable is to first check out the classic blackjack to get the basics down. After that, play the different variations until you get your heart’s delight. 

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