Vivian Opens Up on Baby Daddy: “He was a Good Man But…”

May 13, 2020

Vivian has shed more light on her failed relationship with her baby daddy revealing they lived together for two years before they broke up.

Speaking on Adelle Onyango’s podcast Legally Clueless, the ‘Chum Chum’ singer she was still young when she got her firstborn child with a DJ. At the same time, Vivian was struggling to kickstart her music career.

“I was in my early 20s and optimistic about life. I got a baby and lived with the guy for two years then we broke up. Picking up the role of a wife and having a relationship that was immature and not knowing how to handle issues was so hard,” she said.

“He was a good and supportive man but because we did not have a good foundation, we ended up breaking up.”

After they parted ways, Vivian said she had to do odd jobs to raise her daughter, Natalie.

“I have raised my daughter alone and I have never taken her to anyone to raise her, I have always been with her. I said no to some events just because I did not have anyone to leave her with,” she said.

“I ended up getting an opportunity to host karaoke to get extra money,” added Vivian.

Last year, Vivian disclosed that she once worked as a hawker just to make ends meet. This was before she took up karaoke gigs that paid her Sh4,000 per month.

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