PHOTOS: Governor Mutua’s New Ksh350 Million State House Replica

May 7, 2020

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua has officially opened the doors of the swanky county government’s offices.

Constructed at a reported cost of Ksh350 million, the premises were opened to the public on Wednesday when Dr. Mutua hosted the Council of Governors.

According to sources, the Machakos “State House” was modeled on the American White House and took “just” nine months to complete.

“It has a West Wing and an East Wing. The West Wing will house the Governor, his Chief of Staff and executive meeting lounges where Dr. Mutua will meet top guests and dignitaries,” the source told Citizen TV.

The East Wing will house the office of the First Lady, the governor’s advisors and other support staff.

“The East Room has an in-house conference facility that can hold up to 200 people and here he will have a chance to hold county meetings, meet MCAs and other guests. The office also has banquet rooms where he can entertain his high profile guests,” said the source who requested anonymity.

The source noted that the Machakos ‘State House’ is fit for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“I will tell you this, if President Uhuru Kenyatta ever decides he wants to work from Machakos County, there is an office that befits his stature. This is for posterity and not for the Governor who has less than three years to go.

The source added that: “State House was built during colonial era and so are many other government structures both locally and abroad so that is what the Governor was thinking when he decided to build the county offices.”

“When you look at the cost, you realise that for a structure of this magnitude to cost Ksh.350 million is a bargain because this same building would have cost close to Ksh.3 billion if it was a national government project.”

Below are some photos of the monstrosity.


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