Lillian Muli Opens Up On Being a Victim of Emotional Abuse

May 13, 2020

Lillian Muli has experienced her fair share of emotionally abusive relationships and has since learned how to avoid them.

Taking to Instagram to interact with her followers, the Citizen TV news anchor revealed that she has fallen victim to emotional and mental abuse at least twice.

According to Ms Muli, she eventually realised that she was attracting the same character in her relationships.

It is sad to see so many people in pain. I have seen all your messages and for those who have lived through that and overcome I am so happy for you.

“…After going through the same at least twice in my life I realized I was attracting the same character in my relationships because I was attracted to a certain type. You must put an end to attracting a certain type. Take time to heal and then really take time before you open up to someone else,” said Muli.

In another post, the media personality advised those who have fallen victim to abusive relationships not to share their vulnerabilities with a new partner unless they trust them fully.

Do not share too many intimate details about what went wrong previously in your life in terms of abuse unless you are 100 percent sure about the person you are opening up to. Chances are they might use your vulnerabilities against you and really do you wrong based on what they know about your greatest fears,” she posted.

Adding: “Take care of your heart and mind. Don’t take things to heart when people hurt you even if it’s family.”

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