Jubilee is in Shambles and NASA is Crumbling – Isaac Mwaura

May 19, 2020

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura has reiterated that the ruling Jubilee Party is as good as dead.

Speaking on Citizen TV Monday, Mwaura said the Uhuru-led party is in shambles while the Raila Odinga-led NASA coalition is following suit.

“This was the party to watch but the party is now in shambles; The party that promised to take the country forward. Even Nasa is now crumbling,” he said.

The lawmaker attributed this to the widening rift between two factions of the Jubilee party.

“It is clear that Jubilee is divided into two parts and the party is over, we are just hanging by bootstraps. There have been some challenges in Jubilee. It was never a party; it was some name, some song and two or three colors.”

Senator Mwaura further lamented the fate of nominated Senators allied to Jubilee, whom he claimed can not voice their concerns because they are “owned” by the party.

“…you are a property of the party… that is the truth and when you don’t have a strong party, then your allegiance is to the party leader,” said Mwaura adding that nominated members have limited options.

“… basically it’s based on the number of seats a party has garnered in the elections. You are vulnerable and cannot make decisions when it comes to party changes,” he said.

Eralier this year, Mwaura claimed a lack of communication within the Jubilee party has made things worse for all involved parties.

“It is very awkward. It is clear enough that there are people who support President Uhuru Kenyatta and another side supporting his deputy William Ruto.

“We have been in denial for a long time. It is the end of Jubilee. If we go to elections the way we are it can be worse.”

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