How to Win Big at Online Slots

May 25, 2020

It actually took a fair few years for somebody to make the genius alteration to the very first slot machines back in the 19th Century. Back then these rudimentary gambling devices were a huge novelty, and hence very fun, but there was just one real problem – you couldn’t actually win any money playing them. The prizes were instead to be collected at the bar, and usually came in the form of a free cigar or drink, hardly anything worth celebrating too much eh? But then along came a mechanical entrepreneur by the name of Charles D. Fey, who succeeded in making his Liberty Bell slot machine a huge success. And what was the main reason for its rampant popularity? Well, instead of simply winning a drink or cigar, the Liberty Bell machine was actually capable of paying out real cash, something that was an instant hit with 19th Century Californian gamblers. 

As well as being a pivotal moment in the history of slots, this development also spelled the start of a lifelong association with winning big and slot machines. It can be hard to get the image of somebody grinning maniacally whilst thousands of coins come shooting out of the slot machine they are sat at out of the public consciousness these days, subsequently resulting in the ever popular quest for gamblers to win big. It is very hard to deny that the majority of gamblers spinning the reels to play free slots online these days aren’t out to win a handsome amount of money either – after all, it is kind of the point. But alas, it isn’t quite that easy to win big, and people often lose vast amounts of money in the process. This is the reason why we have decided to compile a guide that will give essential tips on how to win big playing online slots.

Be selective with your online slots 

First things first, you’re never going to win big if you are playing the wrong slots, simply because not all games are designed with huge payouts in mind. Now, this might confuse some gamblers who are always on the look out to win as big a sum as possible on one spin, but the reality is there are plenty of us out there that enjoy pining away at a slot for hours, slowly amassing a fortune. The slots that cater for this last group of people are generally known as low volatility slots, and you will want to stay well away from these if your sole goal is to win big, and quickly. 

The second thing to consider when selecting an online slot to play is whether or not it has a good RTP rating or not. Return To Player is a percentage that indicates how much the gambler can expect to see back from his stake, and it is therefore useful when browsing online slots. Games like NetEnt’s Mega Joker has an RTP of 99% when high betting is turned on, exactly the kind of games you are after if you want to win big on slots. There is an exception to the rule, however, because progressive jackpot slots (the kind you really want to be playing) usually have quite low RTPs. The reason being that each losing spin increases the jackpot amount, and there is only one winning spin after at least a thousand other tries. 

Seek to find out all you can about slots before you play them 

Once you have found yourself an online slot perfect for trying to win big on you then need to find out all you can from the slot’s mechanics before you actually spend any money spinning those reels. This is a safeguarding tactic that many top online slot players do these days, as it ensures you are always aware of any twists or turns that the slot may have. Some people even play the slot’s frees mode in order to be fully sure they know as much about the slot in question as possible, a technique we would also recommend.

Aside from boosting your familiarity with the base mode game mechanics, this tactic will also train you to make the most out of the bonus features wherever possible. As most online slots these days only let go of the huge jackpots during said bonus features, this is invaluable information if you want to win big playing online slots. 

Make sure you have the cash to back big bets 

The reality is that, unless you want to slowly plug away for months, the best way to win big is also to bet as big as you can. Of course the only problem here is that most of us don’t have infinite budgets with which to gamble with, but the best you can do is make sure you are ready to try and win big by conserving your funds for a while before you start trying. 

Be smart and savvy with the way you place your wagers 

Okay, so we’ve established that it is hard to win big quickly if you’re not betting with large amounts of money, but that still doesn’t matter if you’re not being smart with the way you place your bets. 

Some tacticians have developed a technique whereby they count the average number of spins that are happening between each winning combination, and use that to tactically place their bets. If you know it is an average of 6 spins before each win, for instance, you will also know to place your highest bets around this number each time. 

Make full use of online casino deposit bonuses and free spins 

In the modern world of online slots it is also important to check out the vast variety of online casino deposit bonuses around these days, because some of them are genuinely incredible. You could find yourself with at least 50 free spins, for example, as well as a £500 cash back bonus – invaluable tools for the quest to win big.

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