Comedian Amon Wanjohi Launches New YouTube Series

May 26, 2020

After a long hiatus from the acting scene, seasoned comedy legend Amon Wanjohi, known by many monikers and aliases online, is back to rattle the comedy world some more.

Amon, a famous face who has appeared on more than three Kenyan TV stations, cracking ribs and leaving many teary with laughter, is now back as the new and refurbished Teresa – a wig-wearing, makeup-laden, messy and very loud City woman who has little time for players and is here to wreck some homes, too.

Amon has appeared on several seasons of now-defunct KTN TV show Jameni, has also been a staple on Gikuyu TV show Centro Comedy – which aired on Inooro TV – has been a cast member of Pranksters, a prank, hidden – camera show on NTV and has also cut his teeth with the best comedy legends in Vioja Mahakamani.

His now back online, on his YouTube channel, with the wittily-named Terethia vs Tess show that will be airing every Tuesday.

Terethia VS Tess is a comedy show that seeks to entertain by showcasing the contrast between how village ladies and town ladies respond to various life scenarios. It is a show about the relational, social, financial, and even religious interests of Terethia, the village lady, and Tess the town babe and how they maneuver their potential boyfriend/husband- Jaymo.

The maiden episode will air today, May 26th, and shall be airing every Tuesday moving forward.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel now to check out the very first episode as Terethia seeks to remind you about the pleasures of village life and Tess seeks to pull you in to the naughtiness of the City life.

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