Blogger Obare Exposes Jalang’o and ‘Boys’ Club’ Cheating

May 19, 2020

Comedian and media personality Jalang’o is once again on the receiving end of blogger Edgar Obare’s Instagram stories.

Obare took to the social media network to expose the misdeeds of Jalang’o and his ‘boys club’.

This time round, the controversial blogger provided ‘receipts’ in the form of screenshots from Whatsapp messages.

The conclusion was that the Milele FM host and his friends have made it a habit of sleeping around with different women, then comparing notes on their Whatsapp group.

Here are some of those screenshots.

The expose made Jalang’o a trending topic on Twitter, with opinion split. Some are disappointed with Jalang’o, while others think what he does is none of anyone’s business.

This is not Jalango’s first run in with Obare.

In February this year, the blogger exposed him for his cheating ways, at some point being forced to delete YouTube videos on the subject.

The radio presenter is yet to reply.

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