The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Tuesday April 21)

April 21, 2020

Here are some of the top headlines today.

Singapore had a model coronavirus response, then cases spiked. What happened?

Less than a month ago, Singapore was being hailed as one of the countries that had got its coronavirus response right.

Japan is offering sex workers financial aid to survive the pandemic

Mika is worried. As a sex worker in Japan, she used to see three or four clients a day — then the coronavirus pandemic hit. Now, she’s out of clients and out of money.

Coronavirus pandemic: Updates from around the world – CNN

By Julia Hollingsworth and Adam Renton, CNN Updated 2:12 a.m. ET, April 20, 2020 A total of 1,553 new Covid-19 cases have been reported in India in the past 24 hours — the country’s largest single-day spike during the epidemic, according to a CNN count. Another 36 deaths were also reported.

100,000 gather for funeral in Bangladesh, defying lockdown and sparking outbreak fears

More than 100,000 people defied Bangladesh’s lockdown order on Saturday to attend the funeral of a senior leader of the Islamist party in the district of Brahmanbaria, authorities said.

60 million Europeans could suffer furloughs, layoffs or wage cuts

Nearly 60 million jobs across the European Union and the United Kingdom are at risk from the coronavirus pandemic, according to McKinsey.

The world is scrambling to buy ventilators in the Covid-19 pandemic. One country has only four of them — for 12 million people

Covid-19 cases have topped 2.2 million globally and countries around the world are scrambling to buy life-saving equipment as the pandemic places unprecedented demand on hospitals.

Can you get re-infected with coronavirus?

In South Korea, health officials are trying to solve a mystery: why 163 people who recovered from coronavirus have retested positive, according to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC).

A sports junkie adjusts to life without any sport

Unless you’re Jared Leto living in isolation in the desert, you’ve probably been impacted by the spread of coronavirus (only teasing, Jared! You’re good!)

Coronavirus updates: Germany eases restrictions on shops – BBC News

Singapore has confirmed 1,426 new Covid-19 cases – its biggest daily jump yet. With just over 8,000 cases, the country has the most number of infections in Southeast Asia, surpassing figures in Indonesia and the Philippines. Officials said that the majority of the new cases were foreign workers while 16 of the new cases are Singaporeans or those with permanent residency.

Gunman ‘dressed as policeman’ arrested in Canada

A gunman believed to be dressed as a police officer has been captured after shooting several people in Nova Scotia, Canadian police say. Police have not confirmed the number of injuries or whether anyone has died. Residents in the rural town of Portapique had been advised to lock themselves indoors or shelter in basements while the man was at large.

The ‘last cruise ship on Earth’ finally comes home

The three last cruise ships still sailing with passengers will dock today – and one has had quite the odyssey. The MSC Magnifica left Europe in January, and was in the other corner of the world when ports began to close. With nowhere to go, the Swiss-owned ship started the long journey home.

Coronavirus lockdown: ‘A superb gesture’ – Roma players volunteer to forgo four months’ salary

Roma chief executive Guido Fienga has praised his players’ “superb gesture” after they volunteered to forgo four months’ salary to help the club during the coronavirus pandemic. The players, manager Paulo Fonseca and his staff will also pay the difference to ensure all club staff placed on furlough receive their full salary.

The healthiest countries to live in

The fight at the frontlines of Covid-19 is being waged in clinics and hospitals around the world. But the success of that fight has, in large part, depended on the effectiveness of the healthcare systems in each country.

Facebook to launch gaming app as amateur-friendly Twitch competitor

Facebook is getting serious about gaming. On Sunday, The New York Times reported the social networking service would launch Facebook Gaming – a new mobile app dedicated to livestreaming video game content – via the Google Play store on April 20. (Yes, tomorrow.)

Surprise! New, cheaper AirPods could be ready to launch next month

AirPod lovers could be in for a nice surprise. On Sunday, tech rumormonger Jon Prosser, known for his impressively accurate Apple forecasts and YouTube channel Front Page Tech, reported that a new generation of AirPods are ready to launch – possibly as early as next month.

Amazon scans warehouse workers for fevers using thermal cameras

Amazon is changing how it identifies sick warehouse workers. The Jeff Bezos-owned e-commerce giant installed thermal cameras in a handful of its shipping facilities, Reuters reported. Half a dozen warehouses around Los Angeles and Seattle have been equipped with the technology, intended to streamline the process of figuring out who has a fever.

Teracube review: A sustainable phone you’re not supposed to replace in 2 years

Your iPhone may be a great piece of tech, but it’s terrible for the environment. That’s why Teracube made a phone you don’t need to get rid of in two years. Teracube’s first phone may not wow you with its raw specs, but a $350 price tag and a seriously generous warranty might raise some eyebrows.

Most ‘affordable’ Porsche Taycan hits U.S., is still way more expensive than a Tesla

The “budget” version of Porsche’s first all-electric vehicle is now available to buy in the U.S. But don’t get too giddy about the price. The Taycan 4S still starts at more than $103,000. Porsche’s Taycan 4S is an alternative to the $185,000 top-of-the-line Turbo S and $150,000 Turbo, both of which became available in the U.S.

The coronavirus pandemic could take the bubbles out of soda and beer

Beer makers could soon struggle with a shortage of bubbles. A new report from Reuters painted a potentially grim picture for those who rely on the bubbly nature of soda, seltzer, and beer to get through their socially distant routines.

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