As we battle this Covid-19 pandemic, many people are coming to appreciate the work done by our medical and essential workers.

There has been a global trend to show appreciation particularly to doctors and nurses, by clapping for them and even donating lunch to them.

Here in Kenya, some corporations have jumped on board, the latest being Sarova Hotels and Resorts.

Yesterday, the hotel yesterday sent dozens of packed lunches to the workers at Kenya’s largest hospital. It was a beautiful photo opportunity, which they believed would bring a lot of good publicity. And for a while it did.

But then the content of the beautiful boxes was revealed – Githeri and rice.

Githeri is Kenya’s ‘poverty’ meal, eaten mostly for its affordability rather than its nutritional value. With just a combination of maize and beans, it remains one of the least nutritious non-processed foods.

Kenyans wondered why a 5-star hotel that cooks all kinds of meals, from delicious local foods to the exotic kind, would donate githeri.

Not to take anything away from githeri; adding a few spices can make it taste heavenly. But it’s still not the kind of meal that crosses your mind when Sarova comes knocking.

Such hotels often lay their buffet tables with literally dozens of food options, which made some Kenyans wonder.

That said, Sarova’s free lunch program will reportedly run for 30 days, and we can therefore expect more variety. I think the hotel should be getting the applause.

Here are some tweets from KOT.