Robbers Shoot Dead Student Who Recognized Them During Chemist Raid in Umoja

April 24, 2020

Police have launched a manhunt for three armed robbers who shot dead a man at a chemist in Nairobi’s Umoja Innercore estate on Wednesday.

Buruburu sub-county police commander Adamson Bungei said the victim, a 24-year-old fourth-year Meru University student, was engaging the attendant at Phadam Medicare Hospital chemist at around 8.30 pm when three men came in posing as customers.

The victim, identified as Rodgers Opiyo, was buying medication for his mother who has been suffering from ulcers.

“They started pretending they were also buying medicine. In the process the man identified one of them and called out his name. He removed a pistol and shot him dead. This happened as they were robbing those lying on the floor,” Bungei told the Star.

Reports indicate that the robber shot the victim in the throat, killing him on the spot. Those ordered to lie on the floor included a doctor on duty, guards, receptionist and two other customers.

Patrol police from the Buruburu division who had just passed the area heard a gunshot and returned only to find the robbers had escaped on foot.

“We have been pursuing them as we speak. We must get them. This is sad. There will be justice to this incident,” Bungei said.

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