Murang’a Residents Duped into Wearing Panties as Face Masks

April 14, 2020

A village in Murang’a county has been duped into purchasing women underwear in the pretext that they were face masks.

Residents of Mathare village in Maragua were pictured covering their mouths and noses with panties of various colours.

Speaking to Inooro TV, the residents said that they were attracted to the pieces of cloth due to their low cost. A proper surgical mask is going for about Sh100, with an N95 mask going for much more.

However, entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the situation and have come up with cloth masks that are going for about Sh50. These however have little benefit in either protecting yourself or others.

The Sh20 panty masks are totally useless, owing to the flimsy and porous material used to make innerwear.

The villagers claim to have only found out what they were wearing long after they had made the purchase. They are now asking the government to supply them with proper masks that are effective in containing Covid-19.

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