#MKUvsJKUAT: University Comrades on Twitter Go to War…Here Are The Best Memes

April 14, 2020

An all-out war between comrades and alumni of Mount Kenya and JKUAT Universities broke out on Twitter Monday.

Not ones to let their respective varsities down, at least in mindless extracurricular activities such as a Twitter war, the comrades came up with creative and humorous memes and tweets to banter each other, swearing that they are in the better higher learning institution.

With over 4,600 tweets in about 4 hours via the hashtag #MKUvsJKUAT, this is one ‘Twar’ that KOT needed to lighten up the end of a rather dull Easter holiday.

Here are some of the funniest memes and tweets from the war that proved too difficult to settle. The jury is still out.


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