How to Convert YouTube Music to mp3

April 14, 2020

YouTube to mp3 allows the user to rip the audio from any YouTube video and save as an mp3 audio file that the user listens to the music offline later on phone, tablet or any other devices. There are many tools maintained to do the job but choose the best converter by heatfeed. Different software’s that you don’t want to install because various are filled with obtrusive advertising, time restrictions and slowly. YouTube to mp3 provides all the options through their paces and picked out the ones that deliver the goods without any mean surprises. It allows the user to listen to music from a video offline when you want to like listen to your favorite YouTube channel into a podcast.

The User can also enjoy when they working. In which the user save the audio from YouTube videos as an audio file that when the user can play later offline on any device. It allows when the user downloads content when you have the copyright owner’s permission. The user must follow the YouTube term of service seriously still prohibited unauthorized downloading. When users converting YouTube to mp3 still sounds like a hassle, it’s worth allowing for music streaming services like Apple Music and Google Play Music, Which will avoid the need to convert any files at all.

If the user carries more than just extract music and the best video editor for I Phone may approach in helpful as well, and the user rounded up the best free video editors for Windows, Machos and Linux as well.  If the user saves the music YouTube to their computer then the user allows firstly a YouTube music downloader and converter. There is another option to keep the music on the computer is that we suggest Forepaw Screen Recorder. It can record the music from YouTube in different formats like mp3 and more.

  • It allows user to record the YouTube music in high quality to PC/Mac
  • Save the music in mp3 or other audio formats so that the music from YouTube can be played in different devices such as PC, Mac, I Phone and Android. 
  • Capture YouTube videos also as well as record from other platforms.

Step 1: Go to and get the YouTube video that you want to rip music from. 

Step 2: Launch Forepaw Screen Recorder and choose Audio Recorder to move on.

Step 3: Correct the volume of system sound or microphone. As for YouTube audio recording, system sound must be turned on and turned up.

Step 4: Hit the REC button to begin recording. All sounds from your computer will be included so please make confident you don’t open other music apps or allow the beep on the computer. During the recording, you are allowed to put the recording length, which will no difficulty your work.

Step 5: After the YouTube video is recorded, you be able to listen to the following interface. If you are satisfied, please press the Save button to keep it on your PC.

You can then listen to YouTube music with iTunes or transfer the music from YouTube to your iPhone, Android or another portable device to get pleasure from it offline or you can download videos from

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