Coronavirus Patient from South Sudan Allowed To Land in Nairobi

April 10, 2020

The government has allowed a Covid-19 patient from South Sudan to land in the country.

According to the Standard, the 53 year old woman, who is a UN staffer, tested positive on Monday, April 6.

She had flown from Nairobi to Juba, and upon the diagnosis, requested to be brought back to Nairobi.

“On Monday, we received an alert from UN Level (I) Clinic and our team was immediately mobilised. The Health official said the woman was showing flu-like symptoms on Monday, with a coronavirus test coming back positive this morning,” Dr Angok Gordon, the coronavirus incident chief at the Ministry of Health in South Sudan said.

Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia also confirmed the incident.

“This is a different case. This patient has sought to be brought back and Foreign Affairs has to liaise with the Director-General, Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, for landing rights,” he said.

The nationality of the patient was not revealed.

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