“HELL ON EARTH!” says Obama’s Brother After Mandatory Quarantine at KMTC

April 30, 2020

Former US President Barack Obama’s stepbrother, Malik Abongo Obama, has completed 30 days of mandatory quarantine.

Malik arrived in Kenya from the United States on March 25th and proceeded to self-quarantine at home.

However, a week later, he was recalled and placed under mandatory 14-day quarantine in line with the government directive which had ruled out self-quarantine after realizing some Kenyans were flouting the guidelines.

Malik was subsequently booked at the KMTC hostels in Nairobi, the cheapest available option at Sh2,000 per day.

Following his release on April 25, the infamous Trump supporter took to Twitter to lament “30 days of hell on earth”.

30 DAYS HELL ON EARTH!!!: From March 25, 2020 (on arrival from the USA): 23 Days Mandatory (Forced) Quarantine (KMTC-Nairobi) at own expense $460 (Ksh46,000), 7 Days Self-Quarantine (Home). Completed Today… KENYA…PFF!” he tweeted.

Other than endorsing President Trump, Malik has previously made international headlines for selling Barack’s handwritten letters for Sh1.4 million.

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